Uniquely defined
Our paths cross
In a season, of a time
In our lives

Some we journey forever with
Some we hold together with
Others the walk is just for a while with
Others our hands fall apart from their grip

A pattern of crossed lines
We meet as we follow our heart
To be lost, to skip loss, to lead us and be leaders
Opportunities always roam the streets

Let obstacles always be a stepping stone.
Step on yours and lift yourself up
Don’t look at someone else but you can learn from someone else
Don’t compare, just be the best
For you are the Difference!

#Standout #Beyond

Photocredit: NanaGeorgeAbabio

10 thoughts on “Difference!

  1. Beautiful… If only we could understand the role each person we cross paths with plays in our lives, we wouldn’t hold on to certain relationships for long and wouldn’t destroy other relationships we need to maintain. Beautiful write up bruv πŸ‘Š


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