Its uniqueness is known

Serves as a canvas for printed art which depicts the roots of its inception

Created by man but crowns man

We gave life to it but seek life from it

It is what most men breathe for
Feed their lungs with
And sometimes crush their spirits with

To own; is an amazing feel !!!!
To lack; is a depriving deal !

Most worn out their worth just to have their tongue taste its saltiness
It is sweet!

Much secured than the strongest muscle
It is power!

It denatures and natures
It heals and aches us

It is swift

You can have it in a wish and loose it in a swish

It is good.

Cultivate and sow your gift well, so your harvest of it will be plentiful

Put back into the soil what you have of it so you will be able to hold the future

In your seek for it, don’t use the bleak.

Use it to make hearts beat of the joyous

Live with it; with wisdom

M.O.E (Medium of Exchange)


Photocredit: NanaGeorgeAbabio

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