Oh, my!

Contractile is frail

And the hare in you moves a snail

Don’t untangle the trail

Cos you were not won to fail

If challenges abase you to jail

Seek Him a letter to His mail

He will revert you a bail

And thrust the jailer to nail

Be a follower; a wagging tail

And find formidability on His rail

So you won’t prostrate to a wail

But procreate to vail

Erect your pail

To be pervaded from ail

Then thunder will clap to your hail

And sunshine; your gail.


Photocredit: NanaGeorgeAbabio

9 thoughts on “Oh, my!

  1. The first two lines strikes me with a feeling of weakness though there’s so much capabilities in us. The use of hare and snail in the same line is a paradox and that in itself is enough to cause the reader to pause and think. How many of us are hares but are moving at the pace of a snail??? How many of us are delaying the destinies of others by delaying our own??? Maybe this piece is a wake up call after all… And ohh I love the rhyming bros… Cheers 🥂

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