I felt my heart ejaculate
As it starts to elaborate
at how royals munch dung and smile a tainted tooth.
Vision; nocturnal like a moth but a sloth it deems. We crave the dust and thrust its lust.
The protagonists of our novellas but made villains of a tragedy
O’ man! can you hear Heaven’s antique gates creak an opening? Can you hear an indistinct chatter within its walls?
For the stables of heaven neighs its muse; ready to gallop the clouds into this grotesque that binds us.
The horns and lyre pitch an arrival.
Foot of divine soldiers patter a revival
To dilapidate the fuss and muss wearing our spine
Told and tolled this beckon is His revelation unto us. This is etched to crease and grease the borders of our soul. To build a citadel attracting His gaze and retracting the feet of the fleet.
It’s not too late but it might be too late because He’s almost here!


Photocredit: NanaGeorgeAbabio

6 thoughts on “Ready?

    1. Thanks bro for the favourable presentation in words. I really appreciate your thoughts on this. You can post it on the everyday poems page on telegram. Thanks for reading. God bless you 🙏😊


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