A New Beginning

The old licked my past
Tasted it sour and soared
Past is fast
Deranging the palms that hold unto it
Burying every second, dead!

Fades smooth to wrinkle
Together to single
The alone to mingle
It leaves in notion without notice
Comes in motion with motive

Delectable is the able

Slithering is the Vicious
Seeping is their acid

You are a wonderer but a wonder!

Don’t stop dreaming not deeming
Even as the walls of your sleep are painted coal

Don’t stop respiring
Even as the cold twitches your endeavours to sneeze
Lift up from this wheeze

Time has taken ages from us;
Last year has joined the graved ones
Before you is everything you ever wanted.
Moments to make every second count
Clothe it and make it yours;

It is still a New Year!



Photocredit: Nana George Ababio

2 thoughts on “A New Beginning

  1. Very beautiful. I love this line “Before you is everything you ever wanted” Nice reminder that everything we want is right infront of us


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