The Golden Gate

When i hear the silence
Will i experience the absence
That will take me home
And make the earthly not missed.
When i find the gate

I do not want to be left here gapped in awe
Counting the stars and wishing the moon
Thinking of how i just lost a trip abode
Then. I will see the world open the doors to its hidden darkness
Wanting to own and keep me

……… No!……..

I want to lift hands and bow feet
I don’t want to be grilled like pork feet
So i can enter into a praise
And be lifted to a raise
When i meet the gate
Heaven awaits!

#BeReady #AnytimeSoon

Photocredit: NanaGeorgeAbabio


A trend of peace
A place where joys leaps
Where your feet paces to for help
Where your heart races to for love
All it needs

Your secret is placed in a safe of the heart
Care is given attention
Help is lent a hand
Your problems are attended to like a church mass
Cold days are given warmth
Happy times; a dance

Where your care receives a reciprocation
Your standing in life receives an ovation
Relationships bear a devotion
Once in a while there is provocation
To learners they receive this transition

Truth is
It doesn’t really matter where you live and come from
People make up this bond and build it up into a beauty that lasts.
Find a HOME! 🙂

#Belong #Amazing

Photocredit: NanaGeorgeAbabio


Uniquely defined
Our paths cross
In a season, of a time
In our lives

Some we journey forever with
Some we hold together with
Others the walk is just for a while with
Others our hands fall apart from their grip

A pattern of crossed lines
We meet as we follow our heart
To be lost, to skip loss, to lead us and be leaders
Opportunities always roam the streets

Let obstacles always be a stepping stone.
Step on yours and lift yourself up
Don’t look at someone else but you can learn from someone else
Don’t compare, just be the best
For you are the Difference!

#Standout #Beyond

Photocredit: NanaGeorgeAbabio

The Man on a Tree

Love spilled the earth to set debt free
For the breath of man owed a fee
A capture was our very freedom key
To take us from the fangs of bondage
The man on a tree

A death, that did not take us apart from The Dead but closer to The Resurrected
He carried our filth up the Hill
A Godly service to man!
He took our pain with pride
And lost His life to give us life
The man on a tree

He was stripped off His very royalty
The palms of His hands enslaved to our burden of nails; with loyalty
We were a rejection He gave redemption
Remember, we gave Him a false hail
Nevertheless; He gave us a true bail
The man on a tree

The crown of disgrace He wore
His face beaten to dust
He did this for You and I
So we can experience His grace and glory
The birth of salvation
The man on a tree


Photo credit: NanaGeorgeAbabio


As the tune of life plays
Have a dance in its days
For tomorrow might have a promise
Wisdom; no age
Remember you are the composer of your symphonies

Twirl like a speedy wheel
Be unmovable like a hill
Take life with zeal
For success is as obstinate as a mule

Be bold as masculinity
Make your take
Feet your path
See every challenge as a gift to learn something new

Be what you want to be
Breathe what you want to live
Shout to scream
When you see; what your eyes can’t believe
Then you know that your dreams have come home.

#Move #BelieveinGod #GodBelievesinYou

Photo Credit: NanaGeorgeAbabio