The Lonely Road

A: I need to run not walk, what i am offering to you is not talk

B: I see the light in your eyes illuminate your purpose route like a headlight

A: I can also feel the capacity for rapid motion as my emotion is affecting my rate of action.

B: Yes you can!

A: There shall be no omission of the mission in my heart and the vision in my sight

B: Exactly!

A: But…..

B: But…????

A: The road is quiet and lonely

B: Do you need me to stretch out myself as a hand to you?

A: No! You will decrease the increase of my run

B: But I can offer you a flight better than a sprint

A: Mmm……

B: You can’t speed the race before you, even as the space you set your pace on has a texture that lacks friction

A: I….

B: I ! I ! I will make your way free from loneliness and establish you at the apex of your aspiration.

I am The One of Awesome wonders.

Trust me on this lonely road.


Photocredit: NanaGeorgeAbabio

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