A New Beginning

The old licked my past
Tasted it sour and soared
Past is fast
Deranging the palms that hold unto it
Burying every second, dead!

Fades smooth to wrinkle
Together to single
The alone to mingle
It leaves in notion without notice
Comes in motion with motive

Delectable is the able

Slithering is the Vicious
Seeping is their acid

You are a wonderer but a wonder!

Don’t stop dreaming not deeming
Even as the walls of your sleep are painted coal

Don’t stop respiring
Even as the cold twitches your endeavours to sneeze
Lift up from this wheeze

Time has taken ages from us;
Last year has joined the graved ones
Before you is everything you ever wanted.
Moments to make every second count
Clothe it and make it yours;

It is still a New Year!



Photocredit: Nana George Ababio


I felt my heart ejaculate
As it starts to elaborate
at how royals munch dung and smile a tainted tooth.
Vision; nocturnal like a moth but a sloth it deems. We crave the dust and thrust its lust.
The protagonists of our novellas but made villains of a tragedy
O’ man! can you hear Heaven’s antique gates creak an opening? Can you hear an indistinct chatter within its walls?
For the stables of heaven neighs its muse; ready to gallop the clouds into this grotesque that binds us.
The horns and lyre pitch an arrival.
Foot of divine soldiers patter a revival
To dilapidate the fuss and muss wearing our spine
Told and tolled this beckon is His revelation unto us. This is etched to crease and grease the borders of our soul. To build a citadel attracting His gaze and retracting the feet of the fleet.
It’s not too late but it might be too late because He’s almost here!


Photocredit: NanaGeorgeAbabio

Oh, my!

Contractile is frail

And the hare in you moves a snail

Don’t untangle the trail

Cos you were not won to fail

If challenges abase you to jail

Seek Him a letter to His mail

He will revert you a bail

And thrust the jailer to nail

Be a follower; a wagging tail

And find formidability on His rail

So you won’t prostrate to a wail

But procreate to vail

Erect your pail

To be pervaded from ail

Then thunder will clap to your hail

And sunshine; your gail.


Photocredit: NanaGeorgeAbabio

Thing things

You use dirt to clean up
Sleep a dreamer
And kill the knight in the night

I can taste your lies
Pain and plunge your tries
Crunch your dries

You are bald like the moon
As lonely as midnight
Filled with mysteries

Breath ticks a thick
Your leap is a dip
Nuding a salute

O’count the sands
Quench the stars
And make the sun feel cold

Your blank is filled.
Trying to embrace water in the bed of my palms
I realised your reception is deception.


Photocredit: NanaGeorgeAbabio


Its uniqueness is known

Serves as a canvas for printed art which depicts the roots of its inception

Created by man but crowns man

We gave life to it but seek life from it

It is what most men breathe for
Feed their lungs with
And sometimes crush their spirits with

To own; is an amazing feel !!!!
To lack; is a depriving deal !

Most worn out their worth just to have their tongue taste its saltiness
It is sweet!

Much secured than the strongest muscle
It is power!

It denatures and natures
It heals and aches us

It is swift

You can have it in a wish and loose it in a swish

It is good.

Cultivate and sow your gift well, so your harvest of it will be plentiful

Put back into the soil what you have of it so you will be able to hold the future

In your seek for it, don’t use the bleak.

Use it to make hearts beat of the joyous

Live with it; with wisdom

M.O.E (Medium of Exchange)


Photocredit: NanaGeorgeAbabio

The Constellation

Tiny specs of glimmer
Illustrated Across the bridges of the horizon
An ambitious display
Burns a million heart
It decorates the night
Tales the fairy
Tears the stonehearted
Sights the visionless
Makes dark sleep with envy
Draws love from the wells of pain
Splendours the tattered
Fortune that can’t be kept
Can only be admired
Its a stare at elegance
Navigates the blind
Journeys the traveller
An experience
An artwork by The Genius
Display of creativity
A decorative arrangement indeed!


Photocredit: NanaGeorgeAbabio

The Lonely Road

A: I need to run not walk, what i am offering to you is not talk

B: I see the light in your eyes illuminate your purpose route like a headlight

A: I can also feel the capacity for rapid motion as my emotion is affecting my rate of action.

B: Yes you can!

A: There shall be no omission of the mission in my heart and the vision in my sight

B: Exactly!

A: But…..

B: But…????

A: The road is quiet and lonely

B: Do you need me to stretch out myself as a hand to you?

A: No! You will decrease the increase of my run

B: But I can offer you a flight better than a sprint

A: Mmm……

B: You can’t speed the race before you, even as the space you set your pace on has a texture that lacks friction

A: I….

B: I ! I ! I will make your way free from loneliness and establish you at the apex of your aspiration.

I am The One of Awesome wonders.

Trust me on this lonely road.


Photocredit: NanaGeorgeAbabio


The sun is in need of a shine

The air is gasping for breath

The mind is in search of a thought

Sleep cannot dream

The eye is looking for a vision

The tongue is divorced from taste

The ear has an impotence of sound

Echoing can’t find a space

The heart is off its rhythm

The sea is thirsty for water

The land has no ground

Money can’t make an exchange

The rain is dry

The desert has no sand

This world is EMPTY


PhotoCredit: NanaGeorgeAbabio

It is well

My tears have a story
It’s pain perceives glory
Even as my eyes look into the skies to seek a cloud of hope
It is well with me

I catch a smell from cold
A chilly hug from the weather
A detraction from now
I experience my mood on a swing in an open space.
It is well with me

Silence sounds louder
Trouble looks innocent
Today is a disappointment
Tomorrow looks unconcerned
It is still well with me

Everyday can say whatever it wants
Every path can way its mile from me
But Jesus will walk and when He walks
All will be well, with me!


Photocredit: NanaGeorgeAbabio

Where are you now?

Stories are read out with speeches
Time is equal to every one
Breath belongs to the lungs
How to be at a place determines the path one finds and follows
Where are you now?

Your thoughts are yours
Your decisions today will always have a rewind in time for generations to come
Actions are the state of one’s heart
Being the best is you, not the rest
Where are you now?

Life is an open maze
Step that space
Track the success feet of those who have made it
Learn their ways and observe their existence
Be enlightened
Find where you are

Let His counsel be your guide in all your ways

To where you ought be!


Photocredit: NanaGeorgeAbabio