The Man on a Tree

Love spilled the earth to set debt free
For the breath of man owed a fee
A capture was our very freedom key
To take us from the fangs of bondage
The man on a tree

A death, that did not take us apart from The Dead but closer to The Resurrected
He carried our filth up the Hill
A Godly service to man!
He took our pain with pride
And lost His life to give us life
The man on a tree

He was stripped off His very royalty
The palms of His hands enslaved to our burden of nails; with loyalty
We were a rejection He gave redemption
Remember, we gave Him a false hail
Nevertheless; He gave us a true bail
The man on a tree

The crown of disgrace He wore
His face beaten to dust
He did this for You and I
So we can experience His grace and glory
The birth of salvation
The man on a tree


Photo credit: NanaGeorgeAbabio

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